Host an AIDS Memorial Quilt Display

The New Jersey Chapter of the National AIDS Memorial is very pleased that you will be carrying on the message of the Quilt by hosting a Chapter Quilt Display. We will be as helpful to you as possible in planning and implementing your display. Displays should be educationally oriented and may take a variety of forms: display only, display with a speaker, or display at a healthfair. Small displays may consist of one or two 12 x 12 sections.

Small display requests should be received at least 30 days in advance of the event. Large displays, of course, may need months of preparation (depending on the size), and possible approval from the national foundation. All displays of the National AIDS Memorial Quilt must be held in an area free from food, beverage and smoking.

An honorarium is required for all displays; please see the Honorarium / Fee Schedule on the display request form.


The Darlene La Rosa Memorial Fund

The Darlene LaRosa Memorial Fund was created to underwrite Quilt displays at schools and other community organizations that would otherwise be unable to afford to host a Quilt displays on World AIDS Day. Darlene was one of the founding members of Northern New Jersey Chapter of The NAMES Project. Most recently she served as the President of the Chapter until her untimely death in January of 2003.

Donations for The Darlene LaRosa Memorial Fund should be sent to:

Checks should be made out to the AIDS Memorial Quilt New Jersey Chapter.

To apply for financial assistance from the Darlene LaRosa Memorial Fund to host your display, please contact us by email: